Kochi Metro Fare Chart & Rules

Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) has already published the Kochi Metro Ticket Rates and fair stages for the Kochi Metro. If you are looking for the current ticket rates in Kochi Metro. KMRL has announced the ticket rates for travelling in Kochi Metro with fare between Kochi Metro Stations. Kochi Metro has introduced different types of tickets. The minimum fare for Kochi Metro is fixed at Rs. 10 for first two km and the maximum fare would be Rs. 60 up to 25 Km.You can purchase a single entry ticket directly from the metro station for each travel. Also, there are group ticket if you are travelling in groups. Group tickets may be purchased from the ticket counter in the stations. Even though the phase 1 of Kochi Metro include Aluva to Petta, as of now, only the stations from Aluva to Maharajas College are ready. Below are the ticket rates:

KMRL Fare Chart